The 2018 International Conference on Intelligent Biology and Medicine (ICIBM 2018) will be held on June 10-12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Kai will co-chair the Program Committee. You are invited to submit abstracts with unpublished original work describing recent advances on all aspects of bioinformatics, Systems Biology and intelligent Computing.


 Relevant topics include:

Systems Biology:

  1. Mathematical and quantitative models of cellular and multi-cellular systems.
  2. Modeling and simulation of biological processes, pathways and networks.
  3. Multi-dimensional omics data integration.
  4. Metabolomics.
  5. Synthetic biological systems.
  6. Applications of systems biology approaches to biomedical studies.
  7. Self-organization in living systems (cells, organisms, swarms, ecosystems, etc.)


  1. Next generation sequencing data analysis, applications, software and tools.
  2. Genomics and genetics, including integrative and functional genomics and genome evolution.
  3. Personalized medicine and translational bioinformatics.
  4. Big data science including storage, analysis, modeling and visualization.
  5. Proteomics, protein structure prediction, molecular simulation and evolution.
  6. Drug discovery, design and repurposing.
  7. Image analysis and processing.

Intelligent Computing:

  1. Evolutionary computing, swarm intelligence/optimization, ensemble methods.
  2. Machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition and knowledge and discovery.
  3. Natural langue processing, literature mining, semantic ontology and date privacy.
  4. Neural computing, kernel, methods, feature selection/extraction.
  5. Manifold learning theory, artificial life and artificial immune systems.

Medical informatics:

  1. Cohort discovery, EHR-based phenotyping, Predictive Modeling.
  2. Data quality assessment or validation.
  3. Mental Health.
  4. Decision support solutions.
  5. Interoperability (e.g., ontology, terminology, and others).
  6. Machine learning for clinical applications.
  7. Mobile health and wearable devices.