The Wang lab presented in the ZNI dinner night on June 14. Four members each described their current project in progress and the preliminary results of their projects:

  • Xiao Chang: wANNOVAR: annotating genetic variants for personal genomes via the web
  • Lingling Shi: Modeling NLGN4X deletions in neurodevelopment
  • Fan Gao: Landscape of DNA Methylation in Meningiomas
  • Yunfei Guo: Automated annotation pipeline for Mendelian disorder

Thanks to all who participated in the dinner night!


ZNI Dinner Night is an opportunity for labs at the Institute to present their research to the rest of the ZNI community. Each monthly Dinner Night features speakers from a single lab, with research talks presented by two to three members of the lab, including postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. Participants gain experience in publicly presenting and explaining their work. The aim of ZNI Dinner Night is to generate scientificic discussion and feedback between labs, as well as to nurture a sense of community here at ZNI as we grow. After the talks, there is a buffet-style dinner and refreshments organized by the preceding presenter’s lab.