Enlight is a web server that generates figures with epigenetic information and other biological annotations on top of GWAS results.



Identifying causal variants remains a key challenge in post-GWAS (Genome Wide Association Study) era, since many GWAS SNPs fall into non-coding regions, making it especially difficult to associate statistical significance with predicted functionality. Therefore, we created a web-based tool, Enlight, which overlays functional annotation information, such as histone modification states, methylation patterns, transcription factor binding peaks, to GWAS results.


  1. Visualize the relationship between linkage disequilibrium (LD) and epigenetic information, eQTL, TFBS, and other ChIP-seq data.
  2. User-friendly web interface
  3. Text annotation for enrichment analysis or model building.


server architecture


Enlight is available as a web server from http://enlight.usc.edu/